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About Us

Who we are

Altroda looks at enablingdigital learningworldwide, through the use ofinnovative and award winning learning approaches. We offer users acombination of strategic educational services and products, robustdelivery platforms and learner-appropriate content in a flexible frameworkfor individual learning, corporate education, and community learning.

A place where you can achieve

Our team of talented, creative, and passionate employees are dedicatedto helping transform the learning experience, and creating a world whereeveryone has the opportunity to excel. Our focus is on breaking down thebarriers to learning and creating a more personalized experience thatengages, inspires, and enables people to realize their full potential.

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Company History

Altroda was founded in 2016. On the focus of providing quality education, eLearning and related technologies, Training Infrastructure to their customers.

Today the Education Industry has branched out in to various possibilities and has also emerged with integrated education products, technology and services entities. Over the past years, Altroda has established a pedigree of successfully competing with global multinational corporations for majorinternational projects in the education space.

Altroda aims at expanding globally and setting up offices across USA, UK,Germany, UAE, Singapore, South Korea, Australia among the others.


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Team of Instructors

The Altroda team is a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals who are happy to go the extra mile to make things happen.Spread across various locations, our team combines the local sensitivitieswith the global scale to ensure our customers are provided with the bestof both worlds.